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Your Ascendant-- not just a mask

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

The Ascendant often gets labeled "the mask," as if its purpose is simply to conceal what's underneath the surface. For astrology newbies, the mask is soon forgotten, as they move on to the deeper realms of their chart. They begin to explore their planets, their houses--the North Node! While all of these hold important keys for our self-development, the Ascendant--called "the horoscope" by the ancients--is a major player that can enlighten us to the inner workings of our behavior and limitations. The Ascendant is a vehicle for our body and mind, created specifically for the new environment that was our daily life in our formative years. This is why I like to call it the spacesuit.

This spacesuit was carefully stitched just for you. Every single person that was around you in childhood had a hand in producing this perfectly curated piece of equipment. Did you grow up in a turbulent household? You better not have a light-hearted ascendant. Did you grow up surrounded by constant noise? You better learn to speak up.

By asking questions just like these, your Ascendant's creators got to work, sending you very specific messages about the qualities you'd need to have to survive in this new environment. And you, being the delicate creature that you were at a young age, you listened. You took notes. Sense of humor? Check. Curiosity? Check. And down the line you went, making sure that all the right traits got installed.

And what didn't get installed? What didn't make the cut? Everything that was left in your 12th house. The 12th is the house of the subconscious mind. The house of sleep. It's where you keep hidden fears and enemies. Some call this the house of the "self undoing." These are the traits that weren't going to serve you in the real world, in your real life--which takes place in the first house.

12th house astrology is very interesting to me, as I hold a Sagittarius stellium within it. Why didn't I get to bring my explorative Sagittarius nature into the "real world" of the 1st house? That's for another post.

Until next time, stay exploring and stay weird. <3

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