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I grew up uncomfortable with who I was on the inside, trying to hide how impressionable and soft I was behind an exterior of wisdom and control. For years, I fought my creative inclinations, tried to "get in line" and fit into my expected place in society. I studied astrology for years, studied my chart just as long--but it was with an activation of my 12th house Sun that I was finally able to emerge from the cave of my own making. My goal is to help people find their own caves, their own prisons, in order to emerge as the people they were meant to be. 

I take a realistic approach--the realism of Saturn guiding my natal chart--but I infuse that realism with the limitless potential of Sagittarius--my 12th house Stellium. I hold a M. A. in English Literature, and use my experience deconstructing stories into their basic symbols as the basis of my own life and astrological practice. Everyone has a story to tell, and astrology helps us uncover our own.

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