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Second House (Encore)

I recently made a youtube vid talking about the second house, and it got so many comments, that I kept wondering--"Did I leave people with more questions than answers!?" In an attempt to bridge this gap, I'm writing this as a follow-up to that video.

If you haven't seen that video, you can watch it here:

This is the natal chart's lil' piggy bank--or big piggy bank if you have a solid Jupiter in there. (I also like Pluto there. No matter what anyone says. Those people have a HOLD of their money.)

Anyway, here are some key phrases for each of the signs that you can have on the cusp of your second house--and then house placements for the ruler of that second house sign. (The "lord of your second house" is the planet that rules the sign on its cusp.)

I'll give you an example for my second house Aquarius, ruled by Saturn in my first house.

"Money is how I can help my fellow man, and I earn it through my own self assertion."



"Money is. . ."


How I'm able to do what I want, when I want.


How I'm able to create stability for myself. Create comfort. Pamper myself. Purchase the things I want. Create the right atmosphere in my surroundings.


How I'm able to express myself. Connect with others. Have fun. Interact. Avoid boredom.


How I'm able to nurture myself and my family.


How I'm able to spoil myself and those I love. Be generous. Express my creativity. Be bold.


How I'm able to help those who need me. Have security.


How I'm able to create beauty. Find balance. Experience love.


How I'm able to obtain power. Protect those I love. Start over.


How I'm able to have freedom. Learn. Explore the world.


How I'm able to reach the top. Excel.


How I'm able to support the causes I believe in. Vote with my dollars. Help my fellow man. Change society.


How I'm able to make the world a better place. Escape reality. Transcend my body. Help those who suffer.


". . . and I earn it through. . . "

First House

My own will. Self assertion. My body. Personality.

Second House

My ability to be financially savvy. Resourceful.

Third House

My ability to network. To constantly learn new things. To connect with people. To move about. To speak up.

Fourth House

My ability to nurture myself. Through my family. My roots. Family name.

Fifth House

My passion and creativity.

Sixth House

My ability to work tirelessly and for no recognition. My humble service.

Seventh House

My ability to compromise. To relate. To connect with significant others.

Eighth House

My ability to transform my pain. To suffer and remain. To alchemize resources. To bind intimately with another.

Ninth House

My ability to expand my horizons. To be limitless. To learn. Self actualize. To be optimistic.

Tenth House

My ability to be true to my goals. To respect my path. To stick to my plans. My good reputation.

Eleventh House

My ability to make alliances and friends. My fans. My supporters. Through my hopes and dreams.

Twelfth House

My ability to go within. To find inner peace. To face my fears. To not hold myself back.

So, what's your sentence? Drop it in the comments for me.

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1 Comment

Sep 24, 2021

my 2nd house is empty

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