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"I absolutely loved reading through this reading!! So many 'yes!' and 'aha!' moments. . .So spot on!I . . .how beautiful the pages you created are! I was so excited to print them all out! You organized everything in such a helpful way. Everything flowed so well and built upon each other. I feel like I have so much knowledge now to take action in my own life to learn more about myself."

Jenny P.

Thank you SO much for the reading. I have some astrology knowledge...I just know the basics and this reading was very comprehensive, detailed, and most importantly accurate!! Thank you for making it simple and easy for me to understand my solar return projections. I really like how it was broken down into sections bc it helps me with going back to a specific topic when I want to revisit my reading.  Can’t wait to get more readings!!"


"Denisse, thank you so much for this! This was incredibly accurate and helpful. I’ve been extremely interested in various social causes ever since I turned 30, and this solar return reading truly revealed and confirmed what I’ve been feeling my life cause may be. I feel a reaffirmation and new courage to take the risks that I need to to help others in their life struggle. Thank you, again!!"

D. Fourar

"I loved it so much I cried! Thank you! You are truly incredible! I appreciate you taking the time to do that for me!. . . That's so true it gave me chills!"


"OMGGGG we LOVED IT so much!!! All throughout the video we were dying at how accurate everything was that you were saying. We're so pumped that you gave us a bunch of new things to explore!!"

J.P. & E.

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