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The True North Journey

When I was tired of restlessly bouncing around between passions and finally decided to make a change-–I did what any wise person would do. I looked for help. I read countless self-improvement books, talked to my closest friends, and reached out to old mentors. I even went to therapy. And even though all of those things helped me, I still didn’t have the one thing I needed. Clarity. I was still floating around, confused. I wanted more accountability than a therapist could provide. I didn’t know it then, but that’s when I began my True North Journey. I began searching for a coach.


Seasoned with five years of experience being a consulting astrologer–and with quite a knack for research, I took to the internet to find precisely the right program for me. I knew exactly what I wanted: someone with enough knowledge of astrology to truly understand my specific issues, who also believed in the infinite potential of human beings to change and grow. I wanted someone who was able to take the essence of the spiritual and make it practical for me. And guess what? I couldn’t find her. 


“The best doctor is the one you run to but can’t find.”

Denis Diderot


That quote by Diderot reminds me of the part in my journey when I realized there was no one to find out there with all the answers. I was meant to find them myself, in my own way, and to find a way of making the answers practical in my life. So that’s what I did. I combined my knowledge of astrology with my desire to become my best self and created a method that not only got me the clarity I wanted but also the habits I needed to begin my journey of self actualization. The method is what I call the True North Journey.


The True North Journey is about doing the hard work of looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing what’s really there–in order to finally put in the effort required to let our best, authentic selves out. No longer pretending or looking for ourselves in other people, once we discover our personal vision, we’re finally out of excuses and ready to embark on the path no one else can take for us. Through following the steps I’ll show you on our journey together, I hope you’ll learn to repeat the process over and over again–because it’s really the journey towards yourself, and that journey never ends.

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  • “I don’t know what I want.”

  • “I don’t know where I’m going in life.”

  • “I never stick to my plans.”

  • “I can’t do it alone.”

  • “I’m never going to change.”

  • “Nothing I do ever sticks.”

  • "I don't know what my talents are."

Working with me, you’ll get:

  • Clarity: An authentic vision statement for your future.

  • Intentional Direction: A plan with actionable instructions on how you'll step into your future.

  • Accountability: I’ll be your co-pilot for the duration of our time together and get you set up to fly solo.

  • Transformation: Through your efforts and new habits, you’ll become a different person. What you repeatedly do becomes who you are.

  • Sustainability: The most important part. We’ll set up tethers to make your new identity stick.

This isn’t just a plan for a temporary change in behavior. I want you to actually live in your new self–at least until it’s time to shed that skin too! Sustainability matters so much to me. You will walk away with habits that will stay with you for life.

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Here are the details of what’s inside the program once you join.


  • 60+ Minute Natal Chart Reading (Valued at $200-275*): This is the bird’s eye view of your life and potential destiny. There are no mistakes here, just lessons to draw from.


  • 5 Collaborative Sessions: (Valued at $750)

 Crafting the Personal Vision

Examining the Real Self 

Plan of Action

The Work

Establishing Tethers


  • M-F Chat Support  (Valued at $$$ Honestly Priceless): Here’s where you ask the clarifying questions you need answered to complete your homework or journal prompts. My phone lives on Do Not Disturb and is only on for a few clients and my mom.


  • Co-Journaling ($$$): I love this practice. Writing daily, reflecting on your practice will help you to master your desired behaviors much more quickly. Doing this along with me will help you show up–because you know someone else is counting on you. Me!


  • The Secret Newsletter: This is an exclusive newsletter for anyone who’s gone through the True North experience with me; it serves as a reminder and refresher for when we feel like we’re straying off course. It’s part of my way of keeping us all on our path. This is the only place you’ll hear me talk about astrology transits more deeply, and where I’ll keep you updated about any new and exciting self-improvement things I’m trying. You’ll also get early access to all my new projects and freebies.

*If you've already purchased a natal chart reading, you can choose to get a different reading to anchor your Journey.


I want you to know how serious I am about this. If you’ve followed me on Youtube for at least a bit, you’ve probably heard me talk about being an introvert. You probably know I don’t answer DMs and my phone lives on Do Not Disturb mode. I have mastered my energy by eliminating distractions, and this has left me with the thing I value most in life: time. I focus on a handful of hand-picked clients every month. If I don’t think I can help you, I won’t take your money. I only want happy clients, so I select them very carefully and give them my full dedication for the time we work together. Following this program changed my life, and I know if you stick to it for the 5 weeks, it can change yours too. So if you’re ready to find your way to True North, apply today.

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