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Relationship Reading

Relationship Reading



For this reading, I look at the natal chart of both partners individually to get familiar with their energy before seeing how they’ll be relating to each other. This reading involves 3 layers--natal, synastry, and composite. Each layer is important when discussing the whole relationship. Synastry studies the aspects between the planets of both partners--looking to see what is being energized by your mate and what you are energizing in them. And the composite is a chart of the relationship itself. 


This reading is useful to get an understanding of your partner or to see perhaps where you are strong and where you could use some extra attention. What are you teaching each other on your journey? What are you working on together?


60+ Minutes


This is an Audio Recording delivered to your inbox but comes along with a copy of your Natal, Synastry, and Composite charts--along with a Snapshot report with my personal notes on the most relevant information I feel you should know.


If you’d like a follow-up Zoom session to discuss your reading, schedule it within 30 days to save $50 on the session. Normally, Zoom calls are $100, but during that period right after your reading, you get the call for $50.

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