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Birthday Reading

Birthday Reading


This is my favorite forecast reading--the Solar Return.


A Solar Return chart kicks into effect a new "natal chart" and shows you the vibes that you're going to be working with every new year of your life. Your Ascendant and your planets change and show you how you're evolving as your life progresses. What will you be focused on? What will your environment be like? I also compare the Solar Return to both your previoius year's reuturn and to your natal chart in order to see what lessons you're carrying over from year-to-year, and to look for the most important sectors that will be activated. 


This is a great birthday gift to yourself or for a friend. I know I look forward to seeing what houses and energies I get to try on with every birthday. 


60+ Minutes


This is an Audio Recording delivered to your inbox but comes along with a copy of your Natal Chart and a Snapshot report with my personal notes on your chart.


If you’d like a follow-up Zoom session to discuss your reading, schedule it within 30 days to save $50 on the session. Normally, Zoom calls are $100, but during that period right after your reading, you get the call for $50.

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