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WTF Reading

WTF Reading


This is my transit/progression/forecasting reading. 


Just as it sounds. Are you feeling stuck? Things keep going wrong? People being extra mean lately, and you don't know why? Sometimes the planets show up in ways that can be quite troublesome, if not downright painful. In this reading, I look specifically at problem areas that might be causing you issues. I look at your progressed chart and align it with current transits, as well as your natal chart. 


60+ Minutes


This is an audio reading delivered to your inbox and will come along with your natal, progressed, and transit charts. I also include a "snapshot" with notes on your chart.


If you’d like a follow-up Zoom session to discuss your reading, schedule it within 30 days to save $50 on the session. Normally, Zoom calls are $100, but during that period right after your reading, you get the call for $50.

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