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Remediation Sessions

Remediation Sessions


Are you feeling lost and in need of support? Astrological remediation is the process of finding the painful parts within the chart that are currently causing problems in order to find tailored solutions. I am a great believer in the power of habits, and through these sessions, my goal is to help you find the right types of habits and rituals that will have the most potent effect on your life. The program works in phases, with each one building you up for the next step. I’ll be your personal cheerleader, accountability friend, or astroguide–whatever you need. If you sign up for multiple sessions, you'll have weekly text-message access to me for when you have those quick burning questions. 


Single Discovery Session: $150


4 Sessions: $550 


7 Sessions: $850



These sessions can be spread out. If you purchase the 4 sessions, you have 8 weeks to complete them; if you purchase the 7 sessions, you have 10 weeks to complete them. I find that the quicker you build the momentum, the more likely it'll be that your new habits will stick, so I encourage a shorter duration.



If you’ve been my client before and you’ve had a natal chart reading, you can purchase single remediation sessions for $125.





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