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Out of the Shadows Reading

Out of the Shadows Reading


This is the deeper version of my classic reading. If you've already had a natal and want to focus on the darker aspects in order to heal & integrate them--this is your reading.


This one skips through all the "good parts" of the chart and focuses just on the areas that need some light on them--to bring those areas out of the shadows. This session delves into your innermost feelings, helping you sort out things that might've developed cobwebs over the years. Do you have any 12th or 8th house energy to discover or transform? Pluto or Neptune "issues"? This is a good option for focusing on just those houses and their energies.


After examining your chart and discussing the tender spots, I will look through all the books and find some helpful remedies and ideas to help you "troubleshoot" the parts of your chart you want to work on.


30 Minutes


This is an AUDIO RECORDING delivered to your inbox, along with a brief report with the major details ("Snapshot" report).


If you’d like a follow-up Zoom session to discuss your reading, schedule it within 30 days to save $50 on the session. Normally, Zoom calls are $100, but during that period right after your reading, you get the call for $50.



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